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You can be free from smoking forever just 29 days from now!  If you have made the decision to be done with cigarettes, just click the button below and get started right away!
A Really Different Approach
Continue to Smoke While You Learn to Quit!
It makes no sense to quit smoking until you can control all of the things that will set you back after you quit.  While you smoke during the first 28 days of the Smokenders OnlineTM course, you will learn how to break the linkages between cigarettes and food, caffeine and alcohol as well as the habitual issues that might trip you up!

Smokenders Online uses no patches or drugs because we have proven that they are just not necessary.  More than a million smokers have quit smoking using our program and we enjoy a very high success rate!  In fact, we are so sure of your results that we guarantee you to quit!

So, take back control of your life and start the Smokenders Online course today!
For more than 40 years, SmokendersTM has been addressing ALL ASPECTS of smoking.  As a smoker, you know that feeling you get after a meal, when driving a car, or when you are under stress, don't you?  You depend on a cigarette at those times.

Those cravings are driven by more than just the nicotine addiction. Smokenders teaches you how to regain control.  By changing the behaviors and beliefs surrounding your smoking habit, you will be able to eliminate smoking for good!  It is
not difficult to do this.
It's About More than Just  Nicotine!!
The SmokendersTM Course
- Online video tutorials with downloads
- 7 weekly sessions of about 1 hour each
- 10 minutes per day "action steps"
- No patches or drugs
- Smoke as much as you want for first 4 weeks
- Quit only after learning How to Quit
- Painless & easy  - Guaranteed!
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