Medical Referrals to Smokenders Online


The following video is designed to assist Medical Providers in helping their smoking patients:

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We offer a “Referral Pack” which includes patient brochures, Pads of referral “Tear Sheets” providing a professional courtesy discount for your patients, and exam room posters for your practice.

To obtain your Referral Pack, please email your request to or simply call us at 205-223-1982 and we will send your pack out right away!

Medical Affiliate Program

Smokenders Online offers a “Medical Affiliate Program” for certain providers who are permitted to accept referral fees for directing their patients to Smokenders Online.  Significant fees are available, but please check with your state health agency concerning the acceptability of such fees.   For more information on the Medical Affiliate Program, please contact  or call us at 205-223-1982.