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You can be free from smoking forever just 29 days from now!  If you have made the decision to be done with cigarettes, just click the button below and get started right away!
Be Free From Smoking - Forever - in Just 29 Days!
Johns Hopkins Study
Of 787 ex-smokers concluded that "Smokenders is one of the most effective smoking cessation methods in existence"!

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How Smokenders OnlineTM Works
The course is taught in seven weekly sessions of about one hour each.  It is designed to help you determine your specific smoking triggers and linkages (each student is different) and then shows you how to recognize these and reprogram yourself to deal with them after your Quit Date.  (you are required to keep smoking while you learn this important information.)  This training minimizes the pain & discomfort of quitting!

Your Quit Date is on the 29th day of training and most people find that this is just not that difficult or uncomfortable!

The remaining three weeks of the course provide you with support, reinforcement, and preparation for your new life as a non-smoker
As a Smoker, You Know "That Feeling"
Just after you eat or while you drink a cup of coffee, a soft drink or a glass of beer, you just need to have a cigarette.  How about when you are with your friends that smoke, or when you're watching TV or driving your car?  You know that feeling....

Smoking is about much more than just the physical addiction to nicotine.  It's really a big puzzle and the pieces differ among smokers.  These little 'habits' must be addressed.  Here's a short video on the subject ------------>

2012 Harvard NRT Study
Concludes that patches, gums and e-cigarettes are "no more effective in long term smoking cessation, than quitting on one's own"

To learn more about this important, independent study,  click here.
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