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You can be free from smoking forever just 29 days from now!  If you have made the decision to be done with cigarettes, just click the button below and get started right away!
Of course you are!   They insult your intelligence. Face it, if you were going to quit smoking for these reasons, you would have done so long ago.

We have a completely different view at Smokenders Online
TM.  We believe that the decision to quit smoking is a very personal issue and that you will choose to quit for your own personal reasons in your own timeframe.  As ex-smokers, we have been where you are and fully understand.  We respect that and will be here when you make the commitment to quit.
Are You Aggravated by All of The Healthcare Warnings on TV?
No Guilt or Scare Tactics
We don't believe they help at all.  We choose to focus instead on your lifestyle as a non-smoker, after your Quit Date.

Smokenders Online will help you restore your mind and body to it's pre-smoking state!                      Play Video------>
You came into this world as a non-smoker and we will help you return to that state, without any pain or discomfort!  Then, we prepare you for your new lifestyle as a non-smoker so that thoughts of cigarettes will not enter your mind.  Then you will have fully overcome the smoking habit and can take pride in your significant accomplishment!  This all can take place within 7 weeks from today!  Get started now by clicking on the Get Started Now button below!
Were There Ashtrays in Your Maternity Ward?
You Will Have a Positive, Healthy Future as a Non-Smoker!
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