About Smokenders Online


Smokenders Online was founded to continue the legacy of the Smokenders program on the Internet.  Previously taught in hotel seminars around the world, the legendary smokng cessation course is now available to millions via the world wide web.  It is exactly the same course material, taught at precisely the same pace – with precisely the same results!

Because the course and all of its materials are available on the Internet, you can take the course in the privacy of your own home, office, or public location.  There is no humiliation normally associated with public meetings where you must “confess your smokng sins” or otherwise embarrass yourself.  You control your own destiny!  The course just provides you with all the functions and techniques that have proven to help more than a million smokers quit the habit for good!

Nicotine patches, gums, mints, vapors, e-cigarettes and other Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT), have been proven to be ineffective and can promise less than a 15% success rate.  Smoking Cessation drug therapies provide similar results while carrying with them significant side effects and risks.   Counseling programs, such as Smokenders Online, are the longest lasting and most proven way to quit smoking forever!

Smokenders Online was founded by Don Seibert, a Smokenders Graduate of more than 30 years, and Jennifer Ossege PSYD, a clinical psychologist who is also a Smokenders beneficiary.  They are passionate about helping millions of people to effectively quit smoking in a safe, painless and comfortable manner!

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