Patches and Drugs Are Not Effective in Smoking Cessation!

No patches, gums, vapors, e-cigarettes or drugs of any kind are used in the Smokenders Online program.  They just are not necessary!

The course is a 7 week home study course consisting of a 1 hour video tutorial once each week with corresponding entries into your manual.  Then, you will be assigned several easy “Action Steps” each week to help you break those linkages, triggers and habits that are so deeply rooted in the smoking habit.  These take only about 10 minutes perday!  None of these are difficult and many of them seem rather silly, in fact.

But everything in this course, developed by psychologists and refined over more than 40 years with more than a million students, has an important reason for being there!  Simply follow the course (as simplistic as that may seem at times!) and the course will work for you!  It’s guaranteed!