"Calling All Smokenders Graduates!"

Graduates of the Smokenders Program:

Thanks for checking in with us.  We are in the process of reviving the traditional Smokenders program, updating it and creating an online version that smokers can take at home .  We have licensed all of the original course content for Internet distribution and are preparing to launch an aggressive marketing campaign.    We keep running across other Smokenders grads who love the program and wonder why it has not been more proactive in the market.   Well, we have learned the reasons behind this and want to share them with you!

We are very interested in locating as many Smokenders graduates as possible.  We would love to hear your experience and we need to generate some statistics concerning the long term effectiveness of the program.   We want to share with you our plans to “go viral” with Smokenders, how you can help and how you might be a part of our success, if you are interested.

We are also planning a “Smokenders Cruise” on which any Smokenders graduates and their immediate families will be able to join us on a Caribbean cruise at a greatly reduced rate!


Also, as an incentive for you to sign up for our list, we will be giving away a FREE CRUISE for every 25 people who join us on the cruise.  With more than a million Smokenders graduates, surely we can turn this into a lot of fun and prizes!

Just give us your First Name and Email Address in the box to the right and we will forward the information to you with a link to a “Graduate Survey”.  Whether or not you are interested in being part of promoting Smokenders Online, we really need to count you among the Graduates!


In this survey, we would love to hear your story.  Tell us when you quit and how the quality of your life has been affected by your commitment to quit using the Smokenders program.  We just know that we have quite a story to tell and we’d like your experience to help us revive the legacy Smokenders program.


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